Salute to Service: Ozaukee County Sheriff Dispatcher Michael Eibs

WTMJ Cares Salute to Service


Often the first contact between someone in a life threatening situation and public safety providers are dispatchers.

These men and women take the calls, and in some cases, initiate emergency medical protocol and instructions to the caller.

Michael Eibs, a dispatcher at the Ozaukee County Sheriff's office-in addition to his role as an EMT with the Port Washington Fire Department-took one of those calls on September 15, 2017.

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The caller, the spouse of the individual who was discovered laying on the home's driveway, was given instructions on performing CPR and other life-saving measures, while EMS was dispatched to the scene.

Eibs calm voice and clear direction gave the 911 caller the information she needed to save her husband's life.

"Everything that she was providing to us or to myself based off of the questions I was asking her, and the feedback she was giving me, led us down the right path," Eibs said.

His ability to assess the situation and provide life-saving assistance is why Michael Eibs is today's WTMJ Cares Salute to Service.

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