Salute to Service: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Larsen

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Opioid abuse and addiction impact nearly every community in the state. The epidemic also has brought members of the law enforcement community into close contact with individuals who overdose, often with life or death consequences.

On February 20, 2018, Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Larsen and fellow Deputy Alexis Krusic faced one of those situations. A man flagged them down, running toward their squad car. He told them a friend was overdosing in her car.

The deputies responded to a car located at North 12th Street and West Fond du Lac Avenue, the passenger losing consciousness with no pulse.

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The deputies removed her from the car, performing CPR until the arrival of emergency medical personnel, They gave the woman Narcan-which can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose - which revived her.

His quick, life-saving action, helped save the life of this young woman.

Deputy Larsen described his actions that day.

"Although I never had to do real world CPR before, the instincts just kicked in. I'd like to think the public understands it's one of those jobs you to do to truly grasp what goes on every day in the life of first responders," said Larsen.

For his heroic efforts and his role in providing CPR until emergency medical help arrived, Deputy Brandon Larsen is today's WTMJ Cares Salute to Service.

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