Video: Help Save Rides & Reins

*10/19 Update: Thanks to your generosity, we have reached our goal for a grand total of $73,000! Thank you! There are still a few incidental costs associated with this project (electricians, installation, etc), so please feel free to continue to donate through the GoFundMe link below.


*Update: Thank you! We've reached our $23,000 goal for the first part of this initiative.

Now, WTMJ Cares wants to help Rides and Reins keep their barn doors open all winter.  Currently, therapeutic riding lessons have to stop at the end of October because the barn isn't heated.  That's why we're continuing our fundraising through next Thursday with the goal of raising an additional $54,771 -- so kids with special needs don't have to wait until spring to resume this valuable and important part of their lives.  

Your donation will help fully insulate the building and contribute to new cladding/putting in the ceiling with insulation/removal and replacement of the current lights and building fans. This is all to ensure generations of children, with the purest smiles, will keep riding and receiving the rewarding and special therapy they find at Rides and Reins. 


SLINGER, WI -- Rides and Reins is a low-cost therapeutic horseback riding center for children with emotional and physical needs. Through this therapy, the kids are able to better manage their disabilities.

WATCH: Rides and Reins needs your help

"The riding helps build muscle tone, improve balance and joint mobility, and the emotional bond created between horse and rider can also lead to continued self-confidence, patience and comfort," the Rides & Reins organization explains. 

The goal is $23,000. 

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