Summerfest updates security policy for 2018

No backpacks allowed on Summerfest grounds

The lines may be a bit longer at Summerfest this year due to new enhancements in the festival's security policies. 

Summerfest officials announced the new policies Thursday morning in an effort to get in line with other major venues and stadiums around the country. 

The security policy includes: 

  • All bags will be searched upon entering.
  • NO BACKPACKS OF ANY SIZE are allowed inside Henry Maier Festival Park.
  • NO LARGE BAGS OVER 9X10X12 INCHES are allowed.
  • Cinch bags or small purse/clutch, maximum size 9”x10”x12” will be allowed. 
  • If a guest brings ANY type of backpack or bag larger than 9”x10”x12”, they will be instructed to empty the contents into a clear bag provided by Summerfest. The prohibited bag may be donated or the guest can return it to their home or vehicle. 

Summerfest officials say there will be no storage on site for prohibited items, including backpacks. 

Special considerations may be taken for parents with infants and those with medical needs.

Officials say some of these policies, like no backpacks, have been in effect in previous years, but this year it will be strictly enforced. 

Fans are urged to arrive early to minimize wait times at the gate. 

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