Feature: Samantha Maldonado – Manager Northwestern Mutual


Up to date information is critical when it comes to insurance coverage. Samantha Maldonado oversees a portion of the application process at Northwestern Mutual for life insurance or disability insurance coverage. 

"One of the pieces that I co-manage is client history interviews. I manage about 16 people that conduct these interviews for our new potential clients in regards to securing additional information so we have the best up to date and active information in doing their analysis and their review." 

 Samantha says she enjoys helping people realize what their capable of. 

"I really enjoy seeing people connect the dots and develop, seeing how they can really play a larger role and really work beyond their own self-perceived limits." 
While she loves her role with Northwestern Mutual, it's the work she does beyond her day-to-day job that fuels her.  

"My day-to-day job is important and there's a reason for the work that I do in serving our clients and the people we work with, but I think it's also being more than that. It's seeing an opportunity, seeing something in the community that needs some life, needs some help, that needs some help and that needs some drive." 

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