Inside the Classic Free Ride 2016 Promotional Giveaway with Valenti Classics

The C3’s distinctive styling was taken from the 1965 Mako Shark II show car which first debuted at the 1965 New York Auto Show. This model year was in a way a tribute to the Mako Shark II – with a similar two tone paint job that mimicked a shark. It was a lighter color but the graduated darker colored decals on the hood and along the lower beltline gave onlookers the impression that it was a custom paint job since the decals looked like different shades of paint instead of a decal. Chevrolet really had to be commended on the finished product since it was such a distinctive exterior – like nothing seen before or after its release.
Chevrolet definitely nailed it with the styling, design and an aggressive look however they fell way short on the performance with an underwhelming 200hp, as well as dependability issues, securing the number 6 spot on the top 10 worst Corvettes of all time.
That’s where the team at Valenti Classics comes in.  The team has totally revamped this Corvette’s performance and given it a second chance to win back the hearts of ‘Vette fans everywhere.  
We’re going to help this car get its revenge and take back its sports car status as a one-of-a-kind street legal race car. We’ve taken the negative aspects, and converted them to modern performance standards.  The engine, suspension, brakes, and controls have all been completely replaced with modern performance and safety technology.  We feel so strongly that this car has a totally different story now, that we have given it the name “Vendetta.” -Steve Valenti
The team at 620 WTMJ and Valenti Classics are excited to present, with NuMale Medical in Tosa, Lake Country Candies and Ansay & Associates for the 2016 Classic Free Ride Giveaway: The “VALENTI CORVETE VENDETTA."
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