Classic Free Ride: The Valenti Team

To build a powerful vehicle like the 2016 Classic Free Ride by Valenti ClassicsAnsay & AssociatesThe Original Candy Raisins and NuMale Medical in 'Tosa, you need a team. One man can't do the job alone.

Valenti Classics has assembled this group to put together the car that one WTMJ listener will get to call his or her own later this year, the Valenti Corvette Vendetta.

The Valenti Team
Steve – Co-Founder (1991) / Car builder, designer, fabricator, painter along with many other hats that need to be worn. Growing up around classic cars, Steve was bitten by the bug early on. Now with 25 years of experience in the collector car industry he has had the opportunity to work on some pretty amazing and rare vehicles and garnered the respect of industry leaders. Since 2010, Steve has also served on the Board of Trustees at the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Automobile Museum.
Matt – Team Leader, Engine whiz and genius came from a top machine shop where he was the lead engine builder, troubleshooter and problem solver. He is a great fabricator, master tuner who also builds and races sprint cars, designs chassis, suspensions and steering components and is a phenomenal TIG welder.
Frank – The ultimate character, is a retired Milwaukee County Motorcycle Unit officer, and came to us post-retirement hobbyist, and loved it so much, he became full-time.  Frank provides constant entertainment and stories for the team – some stories that would have to be edited for TV. Plus he is involved in all aspects of the builds and restoration.
Jerome – Artist, master fabricator, illustrator and paint and body expert. He has had the opportunity to work on cars that other car nuts would only dream of, ranging from historically significant hot rods to Bugatti’s, Ferrari’s and anything else wicked cool.
Craig – Restoration specialist that has been around cars his entire life, biker, truck driver and all around good guy. Lead team member for sourcing obsolete and hard to find parts, manages the thousands and thousands of components coming through the doors and keeping things organized. 
Kevin – Restoration specialist, master mechanic, electrical whiz and car collector that will tackle any project. He is a fireman and is probably featured in some calendar somewhere but this is pure speculation. Pontiac fanatic and amazing truck builder.
Corey – Custom paint and body work, fabricator, welder, pinstriper, artist and more that graduated from a restoration program. All things cars and racing run through Corey’s veins and he comes from a long line of car experts who he also studied under starting with his grandfather in the paint and body area and then his father who is a renowned artist and pinstriper legend.
Jenny – Operations manager and office maestro. Jenny, works closely with our suppliers and customers as well as keeps this group of crazy gear heads moving along, supplied with parts and loving life. Has a vast knowledge base and background in the automotive field.
Quintin – Upholsterer, Trimmer and restoration specialist who graduated with a Restoration Degree from OTC – Ohio Technical College. Quintin also has a background in paint and body work so he never has a shortage of projects. 
John – Master mechanic, machinist and restoration guru. John is a hard worker with great attention to detail and he never ever stops working. 
Ryan – The Rookie of the crew just graduated from OTC with a restoration degree. Has a focus on mechanical components and general restoration.
Jordana – My wife – Designer, consultant, HR and link to get more women involved in the hobby. Her real job is as an executive for a major corporation in the CPG market. Amazing wife, mother of two, world traveler, adventure partner and much more.
Christopher – Artist, pinstriper legend, IT guy, web developer and photographer. Christopher comes to us from the automobile auction arena, has great organizational skills and is another complete car and computer nut. He also has had some fun working on a few race crews in the pits.
Justin – Auto body and paint technician with a passion for collector cars. Justin is currently with us part time and spending the majority of his time at Marquette University in Milwaukee. 
The Don – Retired Co-Founder (Attempts in 2012, 2013, 2014 and finally succeeded in 2015) Now our distinguished consultant. Don has had a number of interesting career moves, from insurance sales, to working in procurement for Boeing, to pensions and free-lance photography.  He has worked in Washington State, where he flew his own plane from place to place as part of his work, and has also worked in Chicago, where he grew up or refused to grow up while street racing and getting the opportunity to race the Purple People Eater at Meadowdale Raceway.  For a time, he traveled the world with Pat as free-lance photographers, experiencing different cultural moments, including a civil revolution while in Venezuela.
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