2016 Classic Free Ride Parts and Partners

A car as amazing as the 2016 Valenti Corvette "Vendetta" has to have an incredible amount of working parts. 620 WTMJ, Valenti Classics, Ansay & Associates, The Original Candy Raisins and NuMale Medical in 'Tosa bring you this year's 2016 car...but so do the companies who make the parts that go into the "Vendetta." Those companies share their stories.

Wilwood Engineering designs and manufactures high-performance disc brake systems. Since the company’s inception in 1977 by Bill Wood, we have developed a substantial matrix of brake components and engineering techniques that allow us to quickly and reliably create brake systems for almost any application. Our core ability is the rapid development of custom engineered brake systems using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom components. In addition to designing and manufacturing brakes for all types of competitive motor sports, Wilwood also manufactures brake systems and components for agricultural equipment, industrial applications, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, quads, motorcycles and military vehicles.

With headquarters in Camarillo, California, Wilwood employs approximately 250 people. We have on-shelf stock of more than 300 different brake calipers, 200 rotor designs, 100 master cylinder designs and a wide assortment of brackets, fittings, valves and brake lines. Our off-shelf brake calipers range in size from tiny calipers used on go-carts and light duty industrial equipment, to heavy duty original equipment brakes for the U.S. military Humvee.

Wilwood's engineering department uses the latest computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques in conjunction with finite element analysis, dynamic test and cycle test equipment, to find high-performance and reliability solutions for the most difficult braking tasks. Our extensive inventory of proprietary on-the-shelf components allow us to provide cost-effective solutions for unique brake applications.

Wilwood is ISO 9000 compliant and has extensive experience maintaining quality levels of 100ppm or less for original equipment manufacturers.

Manufacturer and supplier of automotive equipment for racing and street applications. It’s your passion for racing that drives us.
Our mission is to surpass your expectations of performance and durability every lap or every mile. The experienced Super Shox staff uses precision CNC machines to craft each part according to their strict quality requirements. Each shock is built to exact custom specifications giving our customers leading edge shocks.
RaceTech Titanium offers Titanium nuts, bolts, and custom parts for all types of racing applications from mountain bikes to top fuel dragsters.  We work directly with many of the biggest names in the racing industry but no order is too big or too small to receive our full attention.
Working directly with the best teams allows us to bring the best technology to all of our customers.  The parts you buy are the same parts that go on the cars & bikes raced by the Pro Teams who use RaceTech Titanium parts. Here are a few of the race series we work with: NASCAR, Supercross, NHRA, American LeMans, Grand AM, IRL/Indy Car, and Karting.
We also supply Aluminum and Steel Fasteners  for industrial applications. Grade 8 steel bolts, Stainless Steel rivets, aluminum bolts, titanium bolts, and custom fasteners are all available through RaceTech Titanium. Call today and let us earn your fastener business.
RaceTech Titanium also offers prototyping services, surface treatments, and special coatings.  Contact us for more information.

High Performance Lubricants is not your typical oil company. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products to protect your fleet’s vehicles or plant’s rotating equipment. Many oil companies choose to add a lot of fluff to their marketing campaign rather than focusing on producing a better product.
When making a lubricant it’s all about choices. Although there are only a few base oil suppliers and only slightly more additive suppliers to choose from there are various quality levels of products available. High Performance Lubricants chooses the best base oils combined with the highest quality additives for our products. The end result is a significant improvement in our oils life and wear reduction compared to others. These differences can easily be verified by oil analysis. 
High Performance Lubricants has invested heavily in a state-of-the-art facility, which allows for product development and topnotch quality assurance from conception to completion. Our stringent quality control of each raw material and each batch our plant produces ensures accurate, consistent and high performing lubricants.
Bigger is not always better. The larger a company becomes, the more tempting it is to shave cost off your formulation to increase the bottom line. Unfortunately, while this thought process is beneficial to the oil company, it is not so beneficial to you the customer.
Our love for racing and anything else with wheels allows us to enjoy our R&D. In reality the products that end up in our automotive line for the street or fleets are very similar to the oils that run on the track. We do not make light duty products.
We are quite happy being a smaller, focused, and responsive company. You will never hear “press 2 for English” when you call us. We are blessed to have the industry’s most talented people as a resource to help troubleshoot your applications and improve your bottom line using our lubricants.
Our successful business was established in 1945 in the stainless steel industry. Irving Polishing is qualified to accommodate your most demanding stainless steel, welding and finishing requirements.
From castings to fittings, industrial to high finish electropolishing, Irving Polishing is prepared to serve the needs of your company requirements.
Irving specializes in the fabricating, welding, and polishing of stainless steel and other metals for the Fitting, Foundry, Pump, Valve, Flow, Filtration, Piping, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Semiconductor industries.
Rhey Graphics
The GO Lithium 16V battery is incredibly powerful, recharges quickly, and weighs in at only 8 pounds! Yes, 8 pounds! With the lighter weight, the racer is able to reduce gross weight or move ballast where it will be most effective.
This is the ONLY lithium battery on the market based on prismatic technology. Prismatic cells are more durable and are able to store more power in a smaller area.
The GO Lithium Ultralight Lithium Battery is also internally balanced.
This ensures that the battery discharges and charges its prismatic cells equally. Cell balancing on the battery increases the lifespan of the product dramatically. It is also an expensive option when building lithium batteries and that is why some (most) companies don’t do it.
Zahn Electronics Inc. (ZEI) , was founded in 1977. We are located between Chicago, Illinois and and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. David Zahn, the founder designer, and President, is proud of the companies growth through our commitment to manufacture the highest quality, most robust, DC/DC and DC/AC power conversion products and systems.
Zahn Electronics Inc. (ZEI) products meet the strictest standards for reliability and durability in the industry. All ZEI products are designed with robust electronic filtering and conditioning at the input, therefore, no external filtering is necessary. All of our products are designed, manufactured and tested in Wisconsin, USA.
Every component, sub-assembly and finished product we sell is tested and quality certified before it leaves our production facility.
Our Products include: Servo Amplifiers that are used in a variety of applications including; AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) traction and steering controls, electric vehicle drives, Fuel Cell DC/DC Converters, High Power DC/DC Converters, LED Lighting, Optimizers for Photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels, and associated energy storage systems.
Our line includes Incandescent Specialty Lamp Regulators and DC Power Supplies that run off of batteries used for wheeled vehicles, rail, marine vessel and military applications.
Zahn product reliability is tested every day in remote location applications off the commercial power grid and in security and telecommunications systems in many countries around the world. Our customers include many educational and research institutions conducting research and development into alternative energy systems and the integrated power conversion and storage systems they support.
Zahn Electronics Inc. has a full range of DC/DC converters from 50 watts to 16kW DC/DC switching convertors allowing ZEI to assist you with your varied applications.
ZEI also manufactures step up and step down voltage converters, as well as, step up and step down current converters, with efficiencies exceeding 95%! Our switching converters are generally the non- isolated type, with bi-directional capability.
Zahn Electronics Inc. has the staff with the knowledge and experience to assist with your designs and help with your application and integration questions.
We manufacture the finest high performance cylinder heads, engine blocks, intake manifolds, short blocks and top end kits that money can buy. If it's racing, hot rodding, marine performance or just putting a power plant in your street car, Dart has what you need to make serious horsepower.
Ten years prior to Eagle's official opening were spent developing the technology, relationships, and design that has become Eagle Specialty Products, Inc. Eagle formally began business in August of 1992 offering just a couple of part numbers.
Eagle's commitment to quality and service has resulted in customer loyalty and satisfaction. This, in turn, has fueled rapid growth over the years. Eagle added crankshafts to our lineup a few years later as well as expanding our offerings in connecting rods. Continuous design improvements and improvements in materials and manufacturing techniques have resulted in Eagle being the largest and most respected aftermarket connecting rod and crank manufacturer in the industry.
We never stop researching ways to make our products lighter, stronger, more efficient to manufacture, and more diverse. When you stop moving forward, you get passed by the competition.

At Ti64, our mission is clear; bring the proven strength, weight, and corrosion benefits of Titanium alloys to the common man pursuing perfection. With over 40 years combined metallurgical and mechanical engineering experience, our knowledgeable staff is prepared to exceed your goals with high performance solutions that make sense for your application and for your wallet.



We demand quality in every product we sell. Starting with threads, our SAE fasteners adhere to Class 2A and our metrics meet class 6g specifications providing the fitment you expect and minimizing any chance of galling or cross-threading. We use tapered transitions from thread to shank unlike some cheap import products we have seen. The under-head fillet of each part is carefully controlled so as to optimally strengthen while not adversely effecting fitment. All sockets are warm-forged, while non-socket heads are machine finished to exacting tolerances. All parts complete manufacturing with a polish operation designed to further increase reliability by eliminating any stress risers in the part surface.With a history that stretches back more than 50 years, Eckler’s was one of the pioneers in classic cars restoration. In those 50 years, we’ve never lost our passion for cars and our appreciation for our fellow enthusiasts who restore them. Because we have been around longer than anyone else, we have more experts in our company than anyone else, from the specialist Tech Reps available to answer your difficult questions on specific parts, to our marketing and purchasing team, who knows how to check out a part to make sure that it not only fits, but is as good or better than the original.


For 40 years, COMP Cams® has focused on creating the highest-performing products and providing superior customer service. That commitment, coupled with innovative research and development methods, resonates with racers, engine builders and enthusiasts alike.
COMP Cams® boasts the largest and most highly trained engineering staff in the industry, as well as a Research and Development department that has been on the forefront of new technology since the company was founded in 1976.
· Pioneered the use of pulsed-plasma nitriding to provide a 100% increase in camshaft surface hardness and lubricity. COMP holds a patent for the Pro Plasma™ Nitriding process.
· Developed engine testing methods that resulted in the creation of Spintron machines widely used by engine builders today. The company uses proprietary software with its in-house Spintrons to test products during the engineering phase, as well as help race teams get their engines just right.
· Partnered with Richard Childress Racing and Okuma to develop a process that allows a camshaft for a NASCAR engine to be ground and tested within hours versus days.
Outside of the R&D lab and Engineering department, COMP Cams® also works with individuals, teams and companies to test products in real-world situations. It provides free expert help to all its customers as well – even on Saturdays.
The COMP Cams® approach truly makes it the “Absolute Leader in Valve Train Technology!”

Speed Direct

Pioneers in improved handling for Corvettes and Muscle Cars, SpeedDirect is the manufacturer of Steeroids® Rack & Pinion Conversion Kits, Shark Bite® Suspension & Handling Components for C2-C3 Corvettes, Vector Series™ Suspension & Handling Components for classic Mustangs, and Rod Links™ Clutch Linkages for cars & trucks. Designed by aerospace engineers for improved performance, weight reduction and durability, all SpeedDirect products are proudly Made in the U.S.A. since 1994. We Put Fun In Every Corner!






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