From Brewtown to Cooperstown, Part Five - Bud Selig's Legacy


As Bud Selig puts the final touches on his Hall of Fame acceptance speech, one word that you may not hear from him but will from everyone else is “legacy.”

And while Selig certainly took his fair share of hits in the national press, baseball fans in Milwaukee know that quite simply, without him, there would be no Milwaukee Brewers.

“He is Milwaukee baseball,” says Brewers manager Craig Counsell, who grew up around Selig when his father, John, worked in the team’s front office in the 70’s and 80’s. “He started it, he brought it here. His legacy with the franchise will last forever.”

Nationally, though, Bud Selig’s legacy is that of baseball’s most effective commissioner ever.

Revenue sharing, Labor peace, interleague play, two tiers of expansion, playoff expansion and the wild card, and sports’ toughest drug testing program

The list goes on and on.

But still, at his core, he’s just the kid from the North Side that got to bring baseball back to his hometown.

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