VIDEO - BrewFoodNews at Summerfest: Incredible five-day weekend in Milwaukee


The story that has Milwaukee and Wisconsin talking, in the places where Milwaukee and Wisconsin gathers - our restaurants, taverns and coffee shops. That's BrewFoodNews.

Today, the story that's making Wisconsin's Afternoon News' John Mercure and our Jay Sorgi talk this weekend: The incredible opportunity for fun in Milwaukee this five-day weekend. It ranges from Summerfest, to the U.S. Gymnastics Championships, to the July 3 U.S. Bank Fireworks, to a meaningful Brewers-Orioles game on July 4 involving Honor Flight, to all the community events on July 4 across Southeastern Wisconsin.

We took the story inside the 50th Summerfest. John Mercure and Jay Sorgi independently chose Venice Club as their food destination, near the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse.

What Venice Club showed off:
- Eggplant strips
- Italian sausage
- Pizza (chicken and garlic)

Watch the video above in your media player. Also check out every place BrewFoodNews has gone for a map of great restaurants, pubs and coffee shops in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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