VIDEO - BrewFoodNews at Point Burger Bar: Lombardi Classic & U.S. Open



The story that has Milwaukee and Wisconsin talking, in the places where Milwaukee and Wisconsin gathers - our restaurants, taverns and coffee shops. That's BrewFoodNews.

Today, the story that's making Sports Central's Greg Matzek and our Jay Sorgi talk is the U.S. Open and Lombardi Classic.

We took the story to one of the places near the parking setup for the U.S. Open: Point Burger Bar in Pewaukee - a family friendly sports bar specializing in burgers that step up their game, along with alcoholic shakes, a massive game room for kids and - yes - a go-kart track!

What Point Burger Bar showcased:
- The Point Burger
- The Cowboy
- Prime Rib sandwich
- Alcoholic shakes

Watch the video and listen to the full BrewFoodNews podcast above in your media players. Also check out every place BrewFoodNews has gone for a map of great restaurants, pubs and coffee shops in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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