VIDEO - BrewFoodNews at Maxie's: Major Zoo Interchange openings


The story that has Milwaukee and Wisconsin talking, in the places where Milwaukee and Wisconsin gathers - our restaurants, taverns and coffee shops. That's BrewFoodNews.

Today, the story that's making WTMJ Time Saver Traffic reporter Debbie Lazaga and Jay Sorgi talk is the re-opening of two major ramps in the Zoo Interchange, the busiest in Wisconsin. It's not only about what ramps will open up, but how it will be positively affecting business in western Milwaukee County - business that has not been as successful due to travel issues for commuters for years due to closed ramps that are reopening.

We took the story to one of the places affected by these changes to come: Maxie's on North 68th Street just by I-94. It's a staple of southern cuisine, featuring regional dishes from all over the American south.

What Maxie's showcases:
- Jambalaya
- Fried green tomatoes
- North Carolina pulled pork
- Mojitos

Maxie's co-owner Dan Sidner joined Debbie and Jay on our podcast to give his take on the effect of Zoo Interchange construction and the positives that will come for his business due to the re-opening of major interchange ramps.

Watch the video and listen to the full BrewFoodNews podcast above in your media players.

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