VIDEO - BrewFoodNews at Lakefront Brewery: The Trump/Comey saga and the possible endgame


The story that has Milwaukee and Wisconsin talking, in the places where Milwaukee and Wisconsin gathers - our restaurants, taverns and coffee shops. That's BrewFoodNews.

Today, the story that's making Jeff Wagner of "The Jeff Wagner Show" and Jay Sorgi talk is the massive effects of the Trump-Comey saga on American government, and what may become the eventual endgame. In our podcast, Jeff gives very interesting odds on whether Trump will finish or go beyond a first term as President.

We took the story to one of the places where the discussion is happening: Lakefront Brewery, a staple on the Milwaukee microbrew scene and a company that has turned from a small home-brewing operation into maybe the quintessential microbrewery tour and fish fry in Southeastern Wisconsin.

What Lakefront showcases:
- Beer after beer after beer - today, showcasing Riverwest Stein and El Wisco.
- Award-winning cheese curds
- Their fish fry

Lakefront President Russ Klisch also shared the interesting stories of how the brewery came to life and discussed the growing microbrew scene in Milwaukee and across the country. 

Watch the video and listen to the full BrewFoodNews podcast above in your media players.

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