VIDEO - BrewFoodNews at Café Calatrava: Lakefront Festival of Art


The story that has Milwaukee and Wisconsin talking, in the places where Milwaukee and Wisconsin gathers - our restaurants, taverns and coffee shops. That's BrewFoodNews.

Today, the story that's making Wisconsin's Morning News' Jane Matenaer and our Debbie Lazaga talk is the biggest art festival in Wisconsin, the Lakefront Festival of Art. It's the event that draws more than 170 national artists and thousands of art fans to Milwaukee's lakefront every year.

We took the story inside the very museum which will receive the proceeds from the event, the Milwaukee Art Museum and Café Calatrava. It's a restaurant inside the museum with dishes inspired by the art that the museum shows off.

What Café Calatrava showed off:
- Beetroot Salad with Soft Egg
- Beef kabobs
- Summer cocktails

Watch the video and listen to the full BrewFoodNews podcast above in your media players. Also check out every place BrewFoodNews has gone for a map of great restaurants, pubs and coffee shops in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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