3 ways to increase your home value

There are always ways to increase your home’s value when making home improvements — so where do you start for the best return on investment?

Deciding which projects to do can be difficult, as there’s some dissent over which projects are the most worthwhile. Still, HGTV and others agree two of the top influencers in value are home maintenance and curb appeal.

How do these buzzwords translate into actual home improvement projects, and where do you start? Read on for three ideas you can use to increase the value of your home.


As part of your home’s exterior, windows play a major role in energy efficiency. At the same time, they also serve an important purpose in curb appeal. Old windows make for an old-looking house, which is the last thing you want when making improvements or preparing your home for the market.

As you shop for a window provider, look for the following traits in its window products and selection:



Quality materials

Affordable pricing

Energy efficient design


Windows with these characteristics will help you eliminate many of the common problems old windows present to home value. Quality windows also provide you with increased energy savings and usability. When it comes to adding value to your home, you can’t go wrong by replacing windows with newer and more efficient models. 


As the entrance to your domain, your front door should exude confidence, beauty and security. While striking such a balance may seem difficult, finding the perfect door for your home doesn’t have to be.

Most window suppliers also offer doors and siding, which makes for easy planning and purchasing. You can save on your project budget when you use the same provider for all three improvements, and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting each time.


Siding is one of the top features that make a difference to curb appeal and maintaining your home’s exterior. Over time, the exterior of your home fades and deteriorates due to weatherization, pest problems or even just dirt and grime. The good news is you can invest in a product that resists these common problems, even over years. What does this mean for you? Minimal maintenance and no repainting.  

It’s also possible to increase your home’s energy efficiency through quality siding from All American Window & Door Co

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