PODCAST: Jaytalking Ep. 31 - Part 2 of 2 with Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez on WTMJ Conversations


Welcome to Jaytalking, edition 31!

Unlike most weeks, when we plan on an early week sports business/sports travel podcast, we're giving you part two WTMJ Conversations chat with University of Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez.

On December 31 of this year, he will begin his fourth decade with the Badgers, the first 14 as football coach, two years as both coach and athletic director and 14 years solely as the "AD" (with a couple bowl games thrown in as an interim coach when the moment necessitated it).

In part two, we dive into:
- His 1998 and 1999 Rose Bowl teams
- How and why he left the job of football coach and chose to become athletic director
- The modern issues of college sports today, including the question of paying college athletes market value beyond their scholarship
- Why Alvarez loves his pool, and what's on his personal bucket list
- When it will be time for him to retire
- His thankfulness for his time at UW-Madison

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