WTMJ Cares: Finding a cure for T1D 'isn't a spectator sport'

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What do you do when your child is diagnosed with a debilitating disease?  If you're Carver Smith, you try to eliminate the illness altogether.  

"That's the goal," Smith vowed.

Smith, an executive recruiter from Milwaukee, is the Board President of JDRF Southeastern Wisconsin.  It's a position he never would've considered six years ago.  But then his daughter, Kiley, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  Smith's niece also has T1D.

"As soon as your kid is diagnosed with something so life changing, you want to do something about it," Smith explained.  "I'd like to think she's proud of me for taking such an active role.  To me, this isn't a spectator sport."  

Kiley, now 20, is doing well despite the illness, according to Smith.

"She's managing the best she can. It's an ongoing battle," Smith explained.  "Type 1 is a life altering and life threatening disease.  I don't think people realize that."

As board president, Smith and his daughter have worked together to raise money for JDRF.

"I hate this disease, but I love the time it has brought us together." 

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