Green Bay Packers

Texans head coach Bill O'Brien shares special Lambeau practice ride with Raymond, young Packers fan

Even in a world with perceived canyons of tribalistic divide, what unites us can be so much stronger than what divides us.

The head coach of the Houston Texans and a young Green Bay Packers fan with a disability shared that truth for some wonderful moments before one of the Packers-Texans joint practices outside the Don Hutson Center, in anticipation of their preseason game at Lambeau Field Thursday (5 p.m. on WTMJ).

In that meeting, Coach Bill O'Brien went up to young Raymond, who is disabled and was in a wheelchair, and found a bond.

O'Brien's son Jack has a disease called lissencephaly, a neurological disorder that leads to cognitive issues and normally has a short life expectancy. Jack has moved far beyond that expectancy in living to his teenage years, and will celebrate his 17th birthday in August.

The coach helped outfit Raymond with a Texans jersey of Wisconsin's own J.J. Watt, then took a specially outfitted bike to attach to his wheelchair and crossed Oneida Street before Tuesday's practice.

It may have just been a momentary experience, but the coach and Raymond shared common ground far beyond the Packers jersey Raymond wore to training camp practice and the blue and red of the Texans.

These moments will certainly be etched in Raymond's mind for the rest of his life, due to a coach who understands at least part of Raymond's challenge, because it's his family's own challenge.

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