Green Bay Packers

PODCAST: Jaytalking Ep. 7 - Packers road trips and inside how the Lakeshore Chinooks' business works


Welcome to Jaytalking, edition 7!

This is the Monday night edition, and it comes with baseball season in full gear, except for 10 teams in the state of Wisconsin whose first pitch doesn't come until later this month. Most of those teams play in the Northwoods League, including the Lakeshore Chinooks.

In our weekly sports business segment, we talk with Assistant General Manager Eric Snodgrass about what makes the franchise work in an area with a major league team, particularly when it comes to the bottom line and things beyond baseball.

And even with the Bucks in championship contention and the Brewers in high gear, of course, many of your fall and winter lives revolve around the Packers, and many of you will travel to see your Packers in some pretty high-profile destinations around the country with their 2019 schedule.

Rose Gray of Fox World Travel joins our sports travel segment again to help you discern how to pull off this year's Packers road trip.

Plus, we preview what could be a meaningful homecoming for TNT's Ernie Johnson, Jr. this week as the Milwaukee Bucks are four wins from the NBA Finals.

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