Green Bay Packers

Packers 29, Vikings 29 in a mistake-filled thriller

WTMJ Second Screen

4th quarter/Overtime

Green Bay 29, Minnesota 29
Cousins-Thielen TD pass
:31 left

Green Bay 29, Minnesota 21
Crosby 36 yd FG
1:45 left in quarter

Green Bay 26, Minnesota 21
Crosby 48 yd FG
2:13 left in quarter

Green Bay 23, Minnesota 21
Cousins-Diggs 75 yard TD pass
7:18 left in game

Green Bay 23, Minnesota 14
Crosby 34 yd FG
7:35 left in quarter

Green Bay 20, Minnesota 14
Cousins-Diggs 2 yd TD pass
14:17 left in quarter

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3rd quarter

Green Bay 20, Minnesota 7
Crosby 40 yd FG
6:36 left in quarter

Halftime - Second Screen

2nd quarter 

Green Bay 17, Minnesota 7
Crosby 37 yd FG
:00 left in quarter

Green Bay 14, Minnesota 7
Rodgers-Adams 9 yd TD pass
12:34 left in quarter

1st quarter

Green Bay 7, Minnesota 7
Cousins-Treadwell 14 yd TD pass
3:04 left in quarter

Green Bay 7, Minnesota 0
Josh Jackson punt block recovery touchdown

Pregame coverage

6:55 a.m.

The latest on Aaron Rodgers, via Adam Schefter of ESPN


Want to see if the Green Bay Packers are the first-half team that gave up a 20-point lead to the Chicago Bears, or the team that came back from that deficit to win Sunday night?

Today against the Minnesota Vikings will really prove it.

The Vikings are considered by many to not only be the favorite to win the NFC North, but to take the entire NFC and maybe even Super Bowl LIII (many Packers fans gasp at that thought).

They are legit, particularly on defense.

Mike Zimmer's defensive unit may be the best in football. More than half the starting defense has made either the Associated Press or Pro Football Focus All-Pro Team, or made the Pro Bowl.

Of course, that defense is not the biggest-name part of this Vikings team. Their new quarterback, Kirk Cousins, has become that after the massive contract he signed which set the market for Aaron Rodgers' new deal.

This game will not only decide a lot when it comes to seeing which team is better in general, but will make a major difference in potential tiebreakers that may decide the NFC North.

Stay tuned. This will be fun. And important.

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