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'HUGE' Packers fans don't recognize Desmond Howard, but have funny exchange with him

Desmond Howard made one of the greatest contributions to a Packers Super Bowl championship, but it doesn't necessarily mean every Packers fan can pick him out of a crowd.

Especially when he's wearing sunglasses.

Howard, whose kickoff return in the third quarter of Super Bowl XXXI were the clinching points in a 35-21 triumph over the New England Patriots, went to the L.A. Coliseum as a fan for Sunday's Packers-Rams game as part of a sponsored presentation of taking in five major sports events in L.A. in one day.

He's also a bit of a celebrity today, as ESPN employs him as a college football analyst.

Some Packers fans started chatting with him...but didn't realize at all it was him.

Watch and laugh.

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