Green Bay Packers

Detroit newspaper tweets for patience until the end of the world after Packers' win over Lions

Sometimes, one tweet can sum up the sorrow of an entire football-loving community.

So it was when the Green Bay Packers produced their third fourth-quarter comeback of at least two scores in the last 18 games when Aaron Rodgers directed two scoring drives in the final 9:03 to give Green Bay a 23-22 win Monday night.

The Detroit Free Press shared this tweet moments after the Packers' win.

Detroit has been there before. Back on December 3, 2015, the Lions endured Aaron Rodgers leading a 20-point comeback at Detroit, ending with his first of four Hail Mary completions on his career.

The Packers had also won two division championships in winner-take-all games against the Lions in 2014 and 2016 - both directed by Rodgers.

So it's understandable for Lions fans to feel a bit "here-we-go-again" about this loss. And to lead to such hyperbolic, apocalyptic but understandable tweets.

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