Alvarez: Expect beer sales at Badgers games in 'a matter of time'

WTMJ 2020

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Numerous universities around America have taken the step to sell alcohol at on-campus athletic events, and it appears as if soon, the University of Wisconsin will be doing the same.

"I think it's just a matter of time before we sell in the stadium, concerts and the Kohl Center," said UW Athletic Director Barry Alvarez on WTMJ 2020 Monday, citing fewer behavioral problems with fans at these events.

"What schools are finding out that those who start selling beer in college stadiums are having less issues at the game in the stadium than they did prior."

He also sees selling beer as a way to guarantee students would arrive on time for football games.

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"In our case, I think we'd have students there sooner. They're not leaving to tailgate until after the first quarter, then trying to full their tank up until they get into the stadium, if they knew they could come in to get a beer."

Alvarez also discussed how, on Monday, the state of California's legislature voted to allow students at universities there to be able to get paid far beyond their scholarship and a living expense stipend, possibly at the cost of the NCAA not allowing those teams to compete for national championships.

"I wouldn't schedule anyone from California right now if they have different rules than we do. All of a sudden, they're not amateurs," said Alvarez.

"This is amateur athletics. I'm very concerned with it. I think it will affect our game greatly."

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