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Milwaukee Brewers

Doctor examines potential severity of patella fracture in Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich

Brewers fans are eagerly awaiting to hear more about the season-ending injury suffered by reigning NL MVP Christian Yelich, but one local doctor says it's complicated.

Yelich fouled a ball off of his kneecap Tuesday night, which caused a fracture in his patella, according to the team.

"The bone is broken, but that can mean a variety of things," said Dr. Sam Steiner of Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin. "He was able to get up and walk under his own power after it happened. Some of the more worse patella fractures, people have no use of their leg. They can't extend it, they can't walk on it at all, so it's actually a good sign seeing him walk on it afterwards."

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