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Milwaukee Brewers

Bud Selig says fight over Miller Park 'worked out okay, didn't it?'

Baseball commissioner emeritus Bud Selig's new book is out today.

'For the Good of the Game: The Inside Story of the Surprising, Dramatic Transformation of Major League Baseball' delves into his years as Milwaukee Brewers owner and his time at the helm of the game he unabashedly adores.

But the book created some waves before it was even out.

In Monday’s Milwaukee Business Journal, former Governor Tommy Thompson and former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist responded to a part of the book centering on the fight to build Miller Park in which Selig claims the two would say one thing to his face and then turn around and do something else.  

Thompson called the comments petty and said Selig was no hero in the struggle, breaking his original promise to have the club pay the entire stadium tab.

“They can say whatever they want," Selig told WTMJ. "They know what the facts are. They know exactly what happened.”

“The Machiavellian behavior of these people was just astounding," Selig went on to say.

Norquist says Selig had no interest in putting Miller Park downtown after getting spurned in a quest to build it in the suburbs-- Oak Creek in particular. 

“First of all, we did consider downtown Milwaukee," Selig responded. "There was a committee formed. They spent four years looking for sites. They came back to us and said ‘what’s wrong with the County Stadium site?’ They recommended it.”

For Selig's full response on Wisconsin's Morning News and much more on his book, click in the player above.

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