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Milwaukee Brewers

'It's all-in tonight': WTMJ Brewers voice Bob Uecker talks NL Wild Card

The Steve Scaffidi Show

Normally when WTMJ's legendary Hall of Fame voice of the Milwaukee Brewers hits the airwaves for a feature interview, cut-ups, jokes and comedy for the ages ensues.

Not on Tuesday morning, when Bob Uecker joined WTMJ's Steve Scaffidi Show for a discussion about tonight's National League Wild Card game against the Washington Nationals (coverage starting at 6 p.m. on WTMJ).

It was much more serious, reflecting the moment the Brewers are in.

Oh, he made a little bit of a quip from his hotel room in the nation's capital.

"We're all here. We didn't come here to check on the trade deal with China."

But beyond that, it was discussing the business at hand - that of the most heightened importance possible, a winner-take-all, loser's-season-is-done playoff game.

"It's all-in tonight. There's a day off tomorrow," explained Uecker about the contest. That day off will be the first of the offseason for the loser, and a travel day to Los Angeles for the winner.

"Tonight, it's everybody, whoever you've got to keep yourself going. For us to head out to the West Coast, they've got to win tonight."

The category of "whoever they've got" includes some injured players, whom Uecker did not mention by name, so to specifically infer particular players may or may not be fair or accurate. But he said the plans are for them to play - one of them being announced Monday as outfielder Ryan Braun.

"The guys are all fired up as you can imagine. There are a couple guys who are hurt a little bit but from my understanding, they're going to play tonight. They're going to give it a go," said Uecker.

One injured player who can't go is Christian Yelich, as he continues his recovery from a broken knee cap which is expected to keep him sidelined for the rest of the postseason, no matter how long it goes.

"Obviously the loss of Christian Yelich is huge," added Uecker, "but the guys they brought to take his place have really done an outstanding job."

"In seeing our people last night and being with the players, nobody's taking a back seat to anybody here."

Including manager Craig Counsell, a definite manager-of-the-year candidate after directing his team to 18 wins in 20 games spanning mid-September, including 14 of the first 16 games without Yelich in the lineup.

That was enough to get Milwaukee from five games behind the Chicago Cubs in the NL Wild Card race to leapfrogging them and four other teams and making the playoffs for the second consecutive year.

"What he's done with the lineup and the roster...with that in order, and with the amount of people he's had here, everybody has done a heck of a job. You've got to give credit to his coaching staff, too. Everybody has done what they were supposed to do."

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