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Gene's Blog: Whoa...Green Bay sends Mike Daniels packing

A defensive stalwart unloosed as camp begins

Well, this Packers pre-season starts with a bang, the team supposedly letting defensive lineman Mike Daniels go before the first workout Thursday.

The move comes after Green Bay inked his apparently former linemate, Dean Lowry, to a big-money deal, further proof of Journal/Sentinel scribe Tom Silverstein's take that Daniels was no longer a good Packers fit. Spoon's take was that Daniels doesn't have the body type the front office seeks in a defensive lineman. Factor in what he was supposed to make this upcoming season and the probably they'd probably move on when 2019 is done and you get what happened this morning--the moving-on happening BEFORE '19 even begins, the brass presumably unable to find a trade partner so they could've gotten something in return.

As a Packer, Daniels said the right things off the field, his chatter making him the face of the defense. To this fan, it seemed he talked a bigger game than he delivered but then again, double teams might've kept his production down.

Through the draft and free agency, GM Brian Gutekunst found different places with the length, strength and speed he craves in his defensive front seven. Lowry and Kenny Clark will be called upon to deliver, Lowry after his extension and Clark because, well, he keeps showing that he's up to the task.

A steady pass rush is badly needed in Green Bay--it'll make a questionable, untested secondary that much better because the less time they have to stay with the guys they're tasked with defending, the better. 

Sending Mike Daniels packing is a large move on a big man whose time in Titletown is apparently over and a sign to all in the locker room that past accomplishment means little in this new Green Bay era.



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