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Remembering DandiLion Park in Muskego

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It's an amusement park that no longer exists in Southeast Wisconsin, but many people have fond memories of the fun fair. 

It was first known as Muskego Beach Amusement Park and then it changed to DandiLion Park in 1968. 

President of the Muskego Historical Society, Jerry Hulbert, remembers the rides. 

"The Tail Spin roller coaster was the premiere ride. People from all around came to ride it. The Wild Mouse was there. It had a history of breaking down and it was kind of shaky and it frightened people," explained Hulbert.  

The park also showcased a Tilt-a-Whirl, Ferris wheel, and Octopus. It was a mecca for college kids to work in the summertime. Hulbert noted that many of the folks that visited Muskego Beach Amusement Park were from out of town.   

According to Hulbert, part of the park grounds focused on fun and exciting rides, the other section concentrated on events like dances in a big ballroom. He says it's the dances that really stand out in his memory. 

"Friday nights were for kids and there was no alcohol involved. It drew people from the Milwaukee and Waukesha area. If you were a top local band and played here, you had it made. One act went on to play with the Everly Brothers. It was the epitome of the local music scene," said Hulbert.   

Saturday nights were designated for adults.

"They had old time, big band, and polka music."  

Other special moments for Hulbert happened in that ballroom too.

"My wife and I had our wedding there in 1972 and both her brothers had there weddings there also. We had a family tradition. It had a great wooden dance floor and high ceilings. It was a roller skating rink at one time and because of that, it had seating around the perimeter on a raised platform," explained Hulbert. 

But despite all the nostalgia from his youth, a bigger amusement park business came into the region, Six Flags Great America, and DandiLon Park closed in 1977. 

Now all that's left of the once popular small town park... are the memories of time gone by and a few remnants of park memorabilia. 

"Unfortunately, all the Muskego Historical Society has is a roll of tickets that came from there, some programs, a coupon from a paper, and the Tail Spin roller coaster sign," Hulbert said.   

The park was later demolished and now condos sit on the land that was once known for it's good times.

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