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One-on-one with Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson

The Steve Scaffidi Show/WTMJ Exclusive

WTMJ's Steve Scaffidi had a chance to go one-on-one with Democratic Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on his show Friday.

These are the first three questions Scaffidi asked, and Williamson's responses, verbatim:

Steve Scaffidi: "Why are you running?"

Marianne Williamson: "Because I think that the United States is in a spiral down, a downward spiral. We have so deviated from the democratic principles that are the core of our mission statement and from our own humanitarian poor, as to be perilous, as to be perilous for the future of our democracy and possibly even the future of our planet."

Scaffidi: "You are an author. A lot of other people call you an activist. How else would you describe yourself?"

Williamson: "Mom, mother."

Scaffidi: "At one moment in the last year or couple years, you decided that you wanted to run for President. That can't be an easy decision, and we know for Democrats, there's a large cast of characters. You were on stage. You were one of the 20 candidates that were on stage for the first debate. What did you take away from the debate when you heard all the other Democratic colleagues talk about and answer those questions."

Williamson: "What I took away from it is that I really need to improve my skills at getting in there, and also I've been on stage quite a bit in my life. I've been in front of large crowds, but that was a different animal than anything I've experienced before. So I don't regret anything that I said, but I realize that I said what I said rather awkwardly at times. Hopefully I will be able to do better in the second debate."

Listen to the full conversation above.

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