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Milwaukee alderman Witkowski claims Common Council bases decisions on 'color-of-our-skin'

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"This term is more an anti-mayor/color-of-our-skin council...fairness and issues don't seem to matter much."

Those words by Milwaukee Alderman Terry Witkowski, as cited by the Journal Sentinel's Dan Bice, are rankling many Common Council members and far beyond the walls of City Hall. They came from a taxpayer-funded newsletter he sent to people in the neighborhoods he represents.

He also said that in his first term, "the council seemed to vote by race." Then in his next few terms under former Common Council presidents Willie Hines and Michael Murphy," the councils voted on issues and the best interest of the city."

Numerous council members publicly criticized him, including council president Ashanti Hamilton.
"The suggestion belittles the time, energy and thoughtfulness that all council members go through to make tough decisions for our city," he said, per Bice.

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