Sen. Johnson: President is "leading from behind"

Senator Ron Johnson is no stranger to being blunt. And last night, after the President spoke to the American people about his administration's plans to fight ISIS, he didn't hold back. 

"President Obama offered no new ideas," the Republican said, adding that this is a crucial time for American leaders, "Not only Americans, but the whole world is hungry for leadership."

Johnson told Charlie Sykes that President Obama has taken a softer approach to fighting terrorism than many would like - citing the difference between the Administration during World War II and Obama's, which he referenced in last night's speech. 

"If you want to know how America responded to a real threat, look at the declaration of war against the Japanese." 

Johnson put in his response last night that he often agrees with the President's words, just not his actions. 

"Of course his goal is degrade and ultimately defeat ISIS," Johnson says, "but he immediately took off the table the real tools to do that - like real troops." 

He agreed that Arab partners also need to work harder in the region to eliminate the threat, but where the Senator disagrees is the President's call for more gun control. 

Johnson's response was simple: "How does that defeat ISIS?" 

Hear more of Johnson's takes on the President's speech in our Soundcloud player. 

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