Watch: MCTS driver honored for possibly saving lives after discovering apartment fire

Chanaye Brown joined Erik Bilstad on Wisconsin's Afternoon News Thursday to talk about her experience. Listen to their conversation above.

A Milwaukee County Transit System Driver is being honored Thursday after having possibly saved lives when she saw a burning apartment building.

The Milwaukee Fire Department is giving Chanaye Brown the "Honorary Chief of the Day" for her efforts back on January 5.

That night, Brown was driving her Route 12 bus when, according to MCTS, she discovered a fire coming from the window of an apartment on North 79th Street and West Hampton Avenue.

One of the riders on the bus called 911, while Brown dispatched the MCTS base.

She then parked the bus, left it, pounded on doors and notified numerous people in the building including children to get out.

While hearing some children inside an apartment, she attempted to use a fire extinguisher in one of the apartments that caught fire. It didn't work, but fire and police took care of that apartment.

Nobody was hurt, partially thanks to Brown's efforts. Watch below.

Watch a news conference with the Milwaukee Fire Department honoring her.

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