Midwest Express Airlines leases headquarters space at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport

The "Best Care in the Air" is another step closer to becoming reality again.

Midwest Express Airlines announced Thursday it is establishing a corporate headquarters at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport.

They will take over the space formerly used by the 440th Air Force Reserve Station on the 6000 block of South Jasper Avenue.

“Establishing our office is a significant step toward fulfilling our commitment to returning Midwest Express Airlines to the sky,” said Greg Aretakis, president of Midwest Express Airlines in a statement.

“We are looking forward to establishing formal office operations in the coming weeks and continuing on our path toward takeoff.”

Midwest Express and Midwest Airlines operated out of Milwaukee for 22 years before being bought by TPG and Northwest Airlines.

“We have several steps to take before more details can be shared, but our path is clear, so stay tuned for more updates." said Aretakis.


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