Marquette Law School poll: Majority of Wisconsin voters oppose Pres. Trump impeachment

A new Marquette University Law School poll says a majority of registered Wisconsin voters believe President Trump "should not be impeached and removed from office."

When asked about the idea of impeaching and removing the President from his job, the poll said 51 percent opposed it and 44 percent approved it.

The newest poll, released Wednesday, also says 49 percent say there is not "enough cause for Congress to hold Trump impeachment hearings," while 46 percent say there is enough cause.

That three percent margin in the question of "cause" is within the poll's margin of error of plus-minus 4.2 percent.

Also, only 29 percent of Wisconsin voters said six months ago in the poll that there was enough cause for impeachment hearings, while 65 percent said there was not.

That means a 17 percent rise in support for impeachment hearings, and a 19 percent drop in those opposing impeachment hearings. 

The poll says that a majority disapprove of President Trump's job performance (51 percent), while 46 percent approve.

The poll included 799 voters and was heavily along partisan lines.

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