Inside the job that's keeping former Governor Scott Walker out of political office โ€“ for now

Wisconsin's Morning News

A new role at a major national conservative political group is at least temporarily keeping former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker away from seeking office for the first time in a quarter century.

Walker will become president of conservative political group Young America's Foundation, and he is ruling out the possibility of going after political office in the course of the next five years. 

"After years in public service and putting his kids through schools and what not, he needed to find a job," stated's Jeff Mayers on WTMJ's Wisconsin's Morning News.

"It's also good for his political career in the long run, and this is a very prestigious job." 

Walker had not found a permanent career move since current Governor Tony Evers defeated him in the 2018 gubernatorial election.

Mayers believes the organization's connection to former President Ronald Reagan is a positive for Walker. 

"He (Walker) has always said Ronald Reagan has inspired him," Mayers added. 

The former governor starts his new position on February 1, 2021.

Mayers describes the former Governor's role as "marshaling the resources of a big organization," something Walker often did in his eight years as governor. 

"But it's also reaching young people," explained Mayers. 

"He can tap into his own experience. He's good with social media. He's on Twitter a lot, which is a great way to communicate with young people. A lot of it has to do with public speaking and fundraising and evoking the principals of the conservative movement, and that all fits with Scott Walker." 

After spending twenty-six years in political office, Walker will be out of the running for any position in the 2022 election, bringing other potential candidates to the forefront to compete against Governor Evers.

According to Mayers, Current Senator Ron Johnson, former Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow have all been mentioned as potential candidates.

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