Gov. Evers, four legislators' takes on legalizing marijuana in Wisconsin

WTMJ 2020

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Will Wisconsin take the step to eventually legalize medicinal marijuana, or even recreational marijuana?

Four legislators who may tackle that subject with legislation spoke at WTMJ 2020 on Monday: Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, Democratic Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz, Milwaukee Democratic Representative Kalan Haywood and Republican Senator Alberta Darling.

So did Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers. A sampling of his comments:

"I think the people of Wisconsin have spoken on it...(Republicans) took it out of the budget."

"Let's fix this issue. I think we can. I think there is some Republican support for this, but again, the leadership seems unwilling to have a vote or a hearing on this."

"If the Assembly wants to take it on and show the people of Wisconsin they are reasonable people..let's make it happen."

"I know Senator Fitzgerald. I know his fearful his caucus won't pass it. So they don't. That's no blemish on anybody. It's democracy. Not having a vote is not."

"Having a vote is not going to reflect on him, on his running for Congress. It's frankly respecting the will of the people." 

Senator Darling

"We need to talk about the medicinal purposes of marijuana."

"What does the literature tell us? And what the literature tells me is that doctors and police will tell us not to legalize it in the state. And I think that is very important to me."

Rep. Haywood

"Especially medical marijuana. I have an uncle who is suffering from cancer...that could help ease some of his pain."

"The other states around us have legalized marijuana use, and now we're on an island."

"The conversation around marijuana has to involve decriminalizing marijuana as well."

Rep. Hintz

"Our laws are out of date related to this. I fully support medicinal marijuana. I'm open and supportive to recreational marijuana depending upon how it's done."

"One of the things we need to do is have hearings on some of these bills, get some of the feedback, get what the experience in other states has been."

Speaker Vos

"I, several years ago, came out as a supporter of the idea of medical marijuana.

"In a very controlled environment...where it's not some kind of a free-for-all."

"Here we are saying that we have a problem with people committing drunk driving offenses, and that the first time shouldn't be a criminal offense, or should it be? And there are people who want to legalize recreational marijuana where we would have the exact same kinds of issues."

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