Cancer research has a formidable ally: J.K. Lee Black Belt Academy

On Saturday, February 16th at Southridge Mall, the MACC Fund is getting a bump in funding.  For 25 years, the JK Lee Black Belt Academy has hosted an annual event called the Board Break-A-Thon.

The students from all six locations in Southeast Wisconsin come together to raise money for the MACC Fund by collecting pledges.  With a certain amount raised, the students can break wooden boards at the event with various punches and kicks, a very common test of ability in the Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do.  

At the event, each school will demonstrate their amazing martial arts skills, similar to the popular South Korean Kukkiwon Demonstration Team that competed in the CBS Show, "The Worlds Best". 

In between performances, students will be on hand to help members of the public who are willing to try and break a wooden board themselves.

620 WTMJ's Traffic Reporter, Debbie Lazaga, who is a first degree black belt, will be doing something special: if she raises $1000 for the event, she will not break a wooden board, but a BRICK!  

Help Debbie get to her goal by heading to this donation site.

For more information on the event, contact 262-547-5425 e-mail

Every little bit helps, and every penny goes directly to the MACC Fund, benefiting Childhood Cancer Research.

In anticipation for the event, WTMJ's Debbie Lazaga broke a board live on the air during Wisconsin's Morning News. Listen below.

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