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Salute to Service: Steve Scaffidi's award winners

WTMJ Cares Salute to Service

Every day this week, WTMJ's Steve Scaffidi unveilshis five winners of the WTMJ Cares Salute to Service award.

Friday, May 25: West Allis Firefighter Jeff Cavett

For public safety professionals, the commitment to helping people in need doesn't end when they finish their work shift. Jeff made three rescues in one day...while on vacation. Read more of how Jeff put his life's calling to work while on a beach...off duty.

Thursday, May 24: Wisconsin State Trooper Scott Darin

A day in the life of a Wisconsin State Patrol trooper can involve many different calls for service or assistance. For Trooper Scott Darin, one of those calls meant administering CPR and reviving a woman who had choked on food and had no pulse. Read more about Darin's incredible work.

Wednesday, May 23: Waukesha Police Officer Joshua Tyndall

"Tyndall responded to a call for a suicide attempt, an active situation since the subject was trying to hang himself in his basement in front of his girlfriend and young children." - Steve Scaffidi. Read more of the lifesaving work Joshua did.


Tuesday, May 22: Racine County Sheriff's Deputy Karen Hernandez

"Sometimes a routine check of a license plate can turn into something a whole lot more serious. But, for public safety professionals, there is nothing ever routine about the job." - Steve Scaffidi. Read more about Karen's heroism.

Monday, May 21: Wauwatosa firefighter and paramedic Nate Reisdorf

"Firefighter and paramedic Nate Reisdorf is quick to acknowledge that when he goes out on a call, it's a team effort." - Steve Scaffidi. Read more about Nate's journey.

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