Summerfest CEO Don Smiley: "This is way more than about an attendance number"

The numbers are in.

The 2019 edition of Summerfest hosted 718,144 patrons.

In a press release, the World's Largest Music Festival said that was  "despite the fact that there were only 10 Amphitheater concerts, and four days out of the 11-day music festival experienced severe thunderstorm warnings late in the afternoon, when fans are making the decision to attend.  Had there been the typical 11 Amphitheater openings, festival attendance would be projected at 733,144.  Regardless of the attendance figures, the festival was profitable and remains well-positioned for the future."

Some may call 2019 a down year, but the guy who runs the Big Gig disagrees.

WTMJ's Gene Mueller talked with Summerfest President and CEO Don Smiley about the numbers.

Listen in the player above.

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